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Yoga - herbs - Ku Nye


 Yoga - the science for clear consciousness and freedom 

 Yoga need your decesion for Yoga -

         this will be the bakground for learning and enlightment

 Yoga is a selfcorrecting way 


  Vera and Horst von Wallpach- Moser,  Yoga  practitioner and teacher



A pharmacist by profession, here on the Gütl I can live out my love of nature and devote myself to the symbiosis of people and plants. I have a passion for gathering the medicinal plants and wild herbs  in our garden and try to give their ‘spirit’ a new place in our teas, oils and ointments. Their taste and fragrances can also be discovered in our kitchen, where they delight our palates.
Vera von Wallpach-Moser

In the area of medicinal plants we offer:

Herb seminars and workshops for adults and children (including school groups): The topics are varied, from the healing applications of the plants to the various ways of preparing them, from wild herbs to the synthesis of yoga and herbs.

Home-made herb products such as teas, oils, liquors, jellies, ointments and distillates.

Ku Nye

“Working with my hands makes me happy!  Whether it is working with our plants in the garden or in contact with people.”

Ku Nye is a form of energetic bodywork which originates from traditional Tibetan medicine.  It balances the three areas: body, spirit and soul. Ku Nye activates the self-healing process and can be used as a supporting treatment for chronic illnesses such as insomnia and digestive problems and to help improve general well-being.

By appointment only!