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The flow of water in the brook, the calm of the forest, the glorious colours and perfume of the flowers, herbs and soil in the garden: the Hagenauer Gütl is enclosed in all this nature, it touches our senses and lets us find peace.

Our wish, our project of the heart as we like to call it, is to preserve the sensory experience and calm of this place for all the people who come to the Gütl. Where required, we provide the right input and assistance for body, spirit and soul with the help of yoga, herbal medicine and energetic bodywork.

In summer or in winter, the Gütl offers the opportunity to actively enjoy the nature and surroundings, whether it be on hiking trails which lead to  “Steinernes Meer” (“sea of stone”  = name of the mountain chain) or on the cross-country ski run which starts directly in front of the house.